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IV Vitamin Therapy 

Helps jumpstart muscle, tissue, and stress recovery with a concentration of nutrients and anti-oxidants directly into your bloodstream.


Rest & Relax

Our facilities are less than 25 minutes from San Diego, California, in the beautiful Tijuana, Mexico. Conveniently located just across the border between the United States and Mexico, Tijuana is the ideal destination for your threatment. If you are interested in combining luxury with medical service, then medical tourism at an advanced surgical center in Tijuana may be right for you.


Stem Cells

Stem cells enhancing the body’s regenerative processes. They are predominant within the bone marrow, intestines, umbilical cord, some nervous tissues, testicles, dental pulp, hair follicles and the endometrium and are capable of self-renewal, have the potential to produce daughter cells, and can differentiate into more specialized cells that will eventually become resident cells of a certain organ or tissue..





From the day my wife scheduled her day to we arrived at the airport in San Diego I was extremely hesitant and worried.  HOWEVER, we arrived at San Diego. Polo who is one of the drivers for the beauty and light team came and picked us up. He drove us to the border and straight to the hospital. During this 35 minute drive from the airport to the hospital he reassured me everything would be safe and that he would never leave our side. He told me that if I was hungry while my wife was in surgery or at any point he would take me to a “safe” restaurant. During our drive from the airport to the hospital polo himself stated that coming to Mexico can cause anxiety. He stated it’s scary coming to another country regardless but it’s even scarier when you are coming for a procedure like a surgery. He stated his entire team is there to make the pt and their family or friends as comfortable as possible. The hotel was wonderful as well as the treatment that was received. Let’s just say that by the end of the first day I felt completely comfortable and safe. Being in another country can cause anxiety however if you step back and look at it bad things can happen anywhere, even here in the US, just be smart when traveling


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